The Bay Volume One

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The Bay is an ongoing comic about a young politician, a programmer and a rich flamboyant kid in the Martian capital city, Isidis Bay. A light hearted slice of life comedy, with a dash of drama, queer romance and lots of palm trees. Volume one was funded through Kickstarter in October 2019.

The Bay Volume 1 includes:

- chapters 1-3 (181 pages)
- book exclusive epilogue (4 pages)
- exclusive artwork and sketches + chapter 4 previews (4 pages)
Book is printed in full colour, UK Standard Size (240x157mm - a little smaller than A4)

The Pilot chapter has been previously printed in 2018 - funded through Kickstarter. I've now gone back and rewrote parts of older chapters in order for the comic to be the best version of itself up to date! Don't worry, there's no story changes - just some adjustments.